I got an email from the guys over at Prograde Nutrition . They know that this time of year a lot of people fall into the “Lazy Days of Summer” trap and start to let things slide, so they’re giving you every incentive to beat the Lazy Days of Summer and make sure you don’t skip your workouts.

They’re put their research-based Prograde Workout recovery shake on sale! It’s 10% off all this week.

Now, the really cool thing about his product is all the science behind it. Most people just don’t realize how important pre and post-workout nutrition is.

Take a second out of your day to watch this very brief video on the subject. It will really open your eyes. You will probably be shocked as to how you’ve been missing out on the chance to get faster results from your exercise efforts.

Oh, and on THIS PAGE you will also find all the details on how to save 10% off Prograde Workout.

But hurry, because Prograde’s Lazy Days of Summer Sale ends this Friday, August 14th at 11:59pm EST.