This President’s Day clearly signifies a special moment in history. Regardless of your political views, the recent election of President Barack Obama has brought about change. Though we’ll have to let President Obama’s accomplishments in office dictate what type of change it will be, I find it interesting that he is reported to be very dedicated to his daily workout routine. In addition to playing basketball, he is reputed to and puts get a 45-60 minute workout day in and day out.

I have known for a while that kettlebells travel on Air Force One. Hopefully that hasn’t changed. One of the cornerstone workouts outlined in Enter the Kettlebell is the Secret Service Snatch test. The rules and execution are simple: Ten minutes, as many snatches as possible. You can put the kettlebell down or switch hands as often as you like.

Now, I am just going to assume that there are going to be some days when President Obama might not have time to get in his typical 45-60 minute workout. I am going to lend my expertise in this regard to cut Obama’s workout time WAY down ( if only I could do that to defecit spending….) . I personally guarantee this will not only help him maintain, if not increase, his current strength and conditioning level.

I am going to simplify the process for Obama by designing workouts that involve nothing more than a 24kg kettlebell and can be done on Air Force One or in the comfort of the Oval Office.If Obama has only ten minutes to workout:Do the Secret Service Snatch test. Try to get at least 200 reps.

If Obama has 20 minutes to workout:
Program Minimum, also outlined in Enter the Kettlebell

Turkish Getups– Aternating hands each rep, perform as many reps a possible in eight minutes. Rest a couple of minutes then do swings at a pace of :30 work and :30 rest for 10 rounds.

I hope the President will appreciate this quick and brutal fitness plan that works with, not against, his schedule. And if the President can find time to get in a workout, there is no excuse for you not to do the same.

Rock on!