If we think of pushing pulling and squatting as PATTERNS instead of exercises it becomes a whole new world. Pushing includes all pushup and pressing variations, pulling is all pullup, chinup and rowing motions, squatting gets all variations, including single leg. Hip Hinge is all deadlifting and swing type patterns,and then there is the rotational/counter rotational pattern which is more often than not a stabilizing function.

From this we can see that there is no such thing as an “arm”, “leg” “chest” “shoulder” or “ab” exercise, only full-body movement patterns that have a greater emphasis on a particular area. Example: the pushup is generally thought of as a “chest” or “arm” exercize, but in most people the midsection (stabilization) is the weak link that hinders progress.

When people first hear this, they often ask ‘what is the most important pattern?”.

The answer is YES.

What muscle does THAT work??