Thanksgiving is nine weeks from today.

Thus begins the American cycle of overeating, oversoending and skipping workouts, sliding into the New Year in fatter, weaker, more broke and more miserable than ever, only to begin anew come January 1.

Does it sound familiar? This doesn’t have to be you. Not this year. You can break the cycle. If you have already successfully broken this cycle, then I applaud you! If not, I would like to help you.

How am I going to do that? By issuing a 2-part challenge to you:

Number One: I want you to set at least one performance goal that you want to accomplish by Thanksgiving. What is a performance goal? It could be something like doing 50 consecutive push ups, or hitting 200 reps of kettlebell snatches in 10 minutes. It’s important for you to know that I DO NOT mean weight loss goal, like “drop 15 pounds.” I’ll explain why in a moment.

Number Two: Set a nutritional goal. Decide on what your nutritional strategy will be and follow with tremendous purpose. I don’t even care which plan it is so much, just follow it to the best of your ablitlity for nine Straight weeks. Don’t wait until Monday to start. Decide NOW. Begin TODAY.

I am going to list a few things that I have decided I will make happen in my life before Thanksgiving.


I will complete a pullup with bodyweight PLUS a 24kg kettlebell. Of all the exercises that we cover in the RKC Level 2, the Pullup is the one I have the most trouble with. It’s time to bring it up to speed.

I will snatch a 40kg kettlebell 120 times in ten minutes. My previous best is 106.

I will do a triple vertical phonebook tear. This means tearing the book into three pieces parallel with the spine. This is a feat I learned from Dennis Rogers, but cannot yet complete.


I will continue refining my Warrior Diet approach, inspired by Marty Gallagher’s approach in The Purposeful Primitive. I will concentrate on making cleaner, more organic food choices.

By training for performance goals and nutritional compliance goals I will be improving my body in the process.

That is why I said NOT to make it a weight loss goal. Increase your performance. Improve your nutrition. Do these two things and it is a mathematical certainty that you will have a better body. Don’t get trapped by “weight loss” goals.

So what are the goals that YOU will accomplish by Thanksgiving?