I have talked many times about Gray Cook, founder of Functional Movement Systems and author of the book Movement

Movement By Gray Cook, MSPT, OCS, CSCS, RKC

I took the following info from the FMS newsletter:

Last year Linwood Cook (aka Gray Cook’s Dad) started tracking the wins/losses the NFL teams that consistently use the FMS system and compared them to rest of the NFL teams not using the system.

Over the last 3 weeks, we (FMS staff) have been unofficially tracking the NFL teams that we have worked with in the past and there are some interesting statistics to note:

  • Functional Movement Screen NFL Teams have a win rate of 63%.
  • The NFL Teams who do not use the Functional Movement Screen have a win rate of 45%.
  • As of Week # 3 that is an 18% better win rate for Teams using the Functional Movement Screen on a regular basis.

Last year’s season showed us this…..

  • 50% of the FMS NFL Teams reached the Playoffs!!!!
  • Only 32% of the Non FMS Teams reached the Playoffs!

One problem we are running into is that more and more NFL teams are using the FMS, right now about 12 teams are using it which means the statistics may not be as good since they are beating each other.  This is a good problem for FMS…..

This is not official and should not be taken as scientific data, just some food for thought. Another reason to be proud to be part of the FMS team…….

Thank you, Mr. Linwood Cook for your unofficial reporting!