I am very proud of the quality of people we have at Nashville Kettlebell.

I am also confident that we have the best program available for movement, strength and fat-loss.

Beginning today and running through the end of June we will be having a 12 week contest in which bodies will be transformed and lives will be changed.

This is not your typical “transformation contest” in the sense of Body for Life or that godawful TV show.

The criteria is not appearance, inches or pounds lost on the scale.

It is very easy to focus on the wrong thing once we have set a goal for ourselves. We feel like we are trying very hard when in fact that energy is very often misplaced. We can become so focused on the idea of the goal that we forget the importance of the steps we must take to get there. Achieving any goal is the result of a lot of small steps in the same direction.

The single most important factor is not the outcome, but the day-to-day compliance to a plan. I refer to this as “creeping incrementalism”, a term I lifted from Marty Gallagher.

The scoring system is designed to give regular feedback on your progress at completing a variety of activities that have a common factor- Compliance.

Compliance, the act of sticking to a plan over time is the key to success. Anyone can go crazy and work out for 90 minutes a day, six days a week and quit after a week and a half. Compliance and consistency over time is where success is born.

The idea of a fitness-based contest is nothing new, but with the wide range of folks we have at Nashville Kettlebell, I wanted to make it fair for everyone to compete. So performance, appearance and weight loss, the things these kind of contests usually measure, are out. What is fair though, is compliance.

We will be measuring compliance to a plan. This way veterans and beginners can compete against each other on compliance rather than bodyweight, body fat percentage or strength levels.

Prepare to have your minds blown.