“Joining NKB 15 months ago is by far the most positive thing I have done for myself in over two decades. I feel transformed! At the age of 52, I never imagined that my body could feel and move as it did when I was 35. Aches, pains, as well as dysfunctional movement patterns that had crept into my life after 30+ years of running and sitting behind a computer 10 hours a day have all but disappeared. Not only have kettlebells improved my running, but my overall balance, mobility, and stamina have seen marked improvement as well. I feel truly blessed to have stumbled upon David Whitley and Nashville Kettlebell!

David’s generosity and willingness to share his wealth of knowledge and experience in the world of kettlebells (as well as other health and fitness related subjects) is limitless. Every time I attend one of David’s classes, I feel confident that I will be challenged…yet only as far as what is safe for my present physical condition. He somehow finds a way to motivate each and every student, from the very beginner to those who are more advanced. Best of all, David makes the class educational and yet so fun that waking up early to attend his 6am classes is something I look forward to! I leave each class feeling more energetic, stronger, and smarter than when I walked in! Dragon Door as well as those who attend class at NKB should be as grateful as I am to have David Whitley as an instructor.

There is no comparison! Having worked with various personal trainers for strength training over the past two decades, and trying a multitude of different classes (Spinning, Pilates, Yoga, Pure Barre, etc.), nothing has provided the overall results that I am currently seeing as a result of kettlebell training. In order to see these kinds of results (better movement, increased strength, more endurance, etc.), I would have to combine several of these activities which would probably consume 7+ hours a week…and then I’d still have to just hope for the best. Three 40-minute NKB classes per week give me the results I desire…and more time to enjoy other things!

Having been an avid runner for 30+ years, and having been plagued by injuries for the past several years, I came to NKB 15 months ago hoping to be able to be able to improve my hip strength and mobility so that I could continue to run injury-free. I just wasn’t ready to hang up my running shoes yet! Not only have I been able to run free of pain and injury since I started attending NKB classes, but I also successfully trained for and ran in the Women’s Half Marathon here in Nashville in September 2010…shaving off 27 minutes from my finish time as compared to when I ran in the Country Music Half Marathon in April 2009 (pre-kettlebells)! That’s what David and nine months of RKC kettlebell training helped me achieve.”

-P.J. Olsen, Nashville TN