Next week (Sept 21st) we will begin our Fall 2009 referral contest.
This promotion is my way of giving back to you since you have given me so much. As you already know, my goal is to spread the kettlebell message to as many people as possible and grow our strong, faithful member base. I am depending on you to help me do that since you can testify, first hand, about what this camp has done for you.

So you are probably wondering: “What is in it for me?”

How About FREE Bootcamp?!

Your Goal-
To get as many of your friends, family members and neighbors as possible to join the Nashville Kettlebell Bootcamp.

Promotion Timeline-
Starts Monday, Sept 21st and ends Friday, Saturday Oct 10th 2009. Reminder-Our prices are going UP to $199 per month on October 19th, if a new person joins us BEFORE that date, they lock in to the $179/month rate for as long as they remain in class.

FREE Nashville Kettlebell Boot Camp Breakdown-
GRAND PRIZE: (6 or more new sign-ups) One entire YEAR of FREE membership in the Nashville Kettlebell Bootcamp. ($2388 value)

1st Runner up (5 new sign-ups) – 6 FREE MONTHS OF BOOT CAMP ($1194 Value)
2nd Runner-Up (4 new sign-ups) – 5 FREE MONTHS OF BOOT CAMP ($995 Value)
3rd Runner-Up (3 new sign-ups) – 4 FREE MONTHS OF BOOT CAMP ($796 Value)

Pay Out Structure-
To reward your dedication and time to getting new members to the camp, I will personally pay for your boot camp depending on the level you were able to accomplish. There CAN definitely be more than one person in each runner-up spot!