Naina “the Machine” Bhasin Deadlifting the Beast

Naina (rhymes with banana) Bhasin (rhymes with “machine’) came down from Iowa to pay a visit to a lucky few of us here in Music City over the Memorial Day weekend as a part of her spring tour 2007. She was still reeling from the RKC experience and, as always, full of enthusiasm.

Last year she was living here, about to move to the cornfields to cut the hearts out of rodents for a living (she is a research scientist who is doing some extensive work with heart arrhythmia, but what I said sounds way cooler).

Her last workout with me before moving off was on Memorial Day 2006 and it was hard. Really hard. She asked for more this year, saying something about making it an annual tradition.

It was a busy day and a half for her and by the time she got to my house to do the workout, she had about 20 minutes to get to the airport. I went into “300” mode here is what she did:

Beast Sumo Deadlift. (This is within a couple of pounds of BODYWEIGHT for her.)
25 reps

25 reps

18lb Clean and press
25 per side

18lb Snatch
100 total, switching every 10 reps

Thruster18lb KB
25 per side

16 kg Swings 50 reps

Try it. If you are a guy 200lbs or more double the weight. I dare ya.