Last time in the post about Sifu Louie Jack Man I gave a quick overview of my history and experience with Jook Lum Southern Mantis Kungfu.


Jook Lum Southern mantis was an influence on Okinawan karate and is considered both a soft and a hard style. Sombogin ( translated as 3 steps forward or 3 step arrow) has a great deal in common with Sanchin Kata.


It also has a great deal in common with RKC and Hardstyle methodology. Consider this quote I found in my notes from years before I knew what a kettlebell was:


“In fighting, the breath must fill the body to protect the organs. Like a coffee mug inside an inflated basketball, if you strike the ball you can’t break the cup because of the air pressure surrounding it. The organs are the cup and the body is the ball. Proper breath control protects the internal organs. If you strike when the opponent’s body is deflated you will penetrate the organs. Proper control is to feel the body to about 70 percent capacity. Too full is also dangerous just like over inflating the basketball. When is too full outside pressure will cause the ball to explode.”

Pavel calls this breathing behind the shield. He developed it by studying Okinawan Karate breathing techniques.

“In striking, mantis has 3 ways of controlling the breath.  First is to release light exhalation 5 to 10 percent of your air on impact through the nose. Second is to issue a vocalization up on strike. Third is to hold the breath when striking.”

Three variations of the biomechanical breathing match we teach in RKC.