“The perception is if we simply exercise, we will automatically move better, but without a movement baseline this debate can never end. It is likely that the ability to perform the exercises practiced most often will improve, but that it a myopic view of the movement spectrum. That is practicing the test. -Gray Cook, Movement

Movement By Gray Cook, MSPT, OCS, CSCS, RKC

Why do you need to be screened? No single exercise can represent the full spectrum of human movement. A pre-exercise movement baseline will show that sometimes exercise helps us move better and sometimes it contributes to greater levels of dysfunction.

The Functional Movement Screen is a tool for risk management.  It’s purpose is to help us shine a light on areas of movement patterns that contain limitation and asymmetry. Why? Because these are the greatest predictors of future non-contact injury. The purpose of the FMS is NOT to show us which exercises to avoid exercises so we won’t get hurt, it is to show us which movement patterns are compromised so that corrective strategy can be introduced  and the problem can be resolved. At  Nashville Kettlebell we begin and end with screening to make sure that you moving better, feeling better and looking better. 

“I don’t care about movement patterns, I just wanna get my ass kicked with my workout!”

For the life of me I cannot understand anyone deliberately would seek to get an ass-kicking. The end result of most ass-kickings I have seen is that someone got injured. Is that what you want? If so, I ain’t your guy. Sets, reps, weight, length of time, volume, intensity…..NONE of it matters if you are dealing with a dysfunctional movement pattern.  Address movement patterns first by having a qualified professional.You may not need any correctives, but you need the screen to find out.

Nashville Kettlebell has the only  Certified Kettlebell Functional Movement Specialist (CK-FMS) instructors in Nashville. Contact  us today to find out how you can get screened. Are you in Williamson county? Contact the folks at Tennessee Kettlebell to schedule your FMS.