Every few weeks I talk to someone or get an email that is something like this:

“I know need to to lose weight, but it’s so HARD. I need somebody to motivate me. Can you motivate me?”


Yes I can.

Here is your motivation:

  • You’re so fat you can’t tie your own shoes
  • You’re so fat you can’t walk a flight of stairs without feeling like you’re going to stroke out
  • You’ve put yourself at serious risk of having a heart attack because you’re so fat
  • You’ve got a serious chance of becoming a diabetic because you’re so fat
  • Your kids may not have a parent because you might die young because you’re so fat

Until you want to help yourself, I cannot help you.

If you are willing to do the work, I can help you. If not, go back home, turn the TV back on and get caught up on the latest news about Britney, Brad and Angelina.

If you want change in your life, you’re going to have to put in the work. The work may be very hard. Your motivation comes from within.

Is it going to be a LOT harder for some people than others?

Yes, it’s going to be a LOT harder for some than others.

Do people deserve all the love and support and encouragement I (we) can possibly give them?

Yes, they do.

Can I (we) do it for them?

No. Until you want to help yourself, I can do nothing.

I give thanks everyday for all the wonderful things in my life. I am truly blessed.

And a lot of peopel email me and tell me this blog and my email newsletter is inspiration to them.
I’m very grateful to be in that postition. But as I tell everyone I work with, you must be motivated from within.