My 100 day experiment with the Warrior Diet which began with reading Marty Gallagher’s book the Puposeful Primitive is in its’ last weeks and I am very pleased with it. Here is a list of pros and cons from my little experiment in self nutrition:

1. Compliance
. This may be the easiest plan I have ever encountered in terms of schedule and food selsection. Undereat all day, overeat at the big meal and stick to mostly natural food sources. Of course there is more to it than that, but that is the essence.

2. Schedule. I really love not having to stop and eat every 3 hours.

3. The BIG meal. On frequent feeding schedules, I often never feel like I quite got enough to eat at any single feeding. Not so with the PM Throwdown on the WD.

4. Fat loss. No doubt about it, the WD works for both shedding fat and building strength. I am a full 15lbs lighter than when I began and am about to drop below 260lbs for the first time this decade.

5. Taste. When the PM Throwdown rolls around, a couple of interesting things happen: Food tastes better. It’s like a sharpening of the sense of taste. This also makes me crave the good stuff, especially beef and fruit.

1. Compliance.
This is not a problem witht he Warrior Diet, this is a deficiency in my personality. As I stated above, the WD is the easist, simplest schedule of eating I have ever followed. My compliance problem with it is the same as with any other: Poor choices and lack of planning.

Example: I did not plan well when I went to Japan. The time difference, available food and change in schedule were tougher than I anticipated.

Example: My inner fat kid can will take control if I let him, and he like cookies and fries. I let that happen too much during this 100 day jaunt.

2. Explanation. I get strange looks when I explain the WD. I get a lot of “they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day” or “you shouldn’t skip meals” if I don’t have lunch. I tell them I do eat breakfast and lunch-at 8pm with supper.

Then there is “they say that you shouldn’t eat after 6pm”, etc. I have to ask exactly who “they” are and how they know. Still don’t have an answer on that one.

However, my profession is Instructor, and I am getting more confident and skillful at explaining the WD, so I don’t know that it is really a con so much as I just need to get better at it.

I plan to continue on the WD and am looking forward to seeing what happens as I get better at it.