I headed to Alabama last Friday night, stopped over in Huntsville for the night with some friends and then made my way to Montgomery early in the morning to teach my last workshop of 2008. Mark adn Gwen Lehmkuhl, both RKC, have a Crossfit facility there and we spent 4 hours or so outside drilling the basic drills we teach at the RKC Certification.

The group from Montgomery AL.

After the workshop, grabbed a little Bar-B-Que w/Mark & Gwen and hit the road home.

This afternoon I head to Tampa for a 2 day meeting with my business mentors Pat Rigsby, Nick Berry and Jim Labadie and a mastermind group that includes the Undergound Strength Coach Zach Even-Esh and Jason and Pam from Kettlebell Athletics. I come back late Wednesday night in time to prepare for my birthday weekend.

The common them (besides me running all over the place) is that I am surrounding myself with people who want to learn, grow and improve themselves. Yes, I teach kettlebells, but the real focus of my profession is self improvement. Sometimes the tool to accomplish that is a kettlebell. Sometimes it is a blog ;).