An idea that we will be implementing at Nashville kettlebell in 2011- Monthly Themes. Simply put, each month will have a theme that will be the focus of our programming and will guide us toward daily and weekly improvements.

 January is a month of  new beginnings for many, so the theme for January 2011 is MOBILITY. Why?

Because it is the 1st requirement for movement. If mobility is lacking, then stability, strength, conditioning, power, endurance, etc are all build upon a base of dysfunction. Focusing on these things without taking the time to make sure mobility is going where it needs to be going means that at best you are limiting yourself, at worst you are causing injury.

 In our culture, we have sacrificed mobility and healthy functional movement patterns for convenience. This is a root cause of a ton of health problems. By focusing on mobility, reclaiming it, we take that first step on our journey to move better, feel better and look better.

So we will be having large and healthy doses of FMS drills, getups, swings and bodyweight exercises designed to loosen and lubricate the joints. 

Let’s get Mobile!