So after 14 weeks of pretty serious attention to diet and doing some pretty serious workouts geared toward fat-burning, I hit 265.5 lbs last Friday, down from 285 in July. Hooray for me. I’ll round up and call it 20lbs.

Then for some reason (that probably has to do with my childhood) I proceeded to “throw down” for most of the weekend. I include non-compliant meals each week but this is the first time in 14 weeks I have gone overboard like this.

Friday night it was a birthday party: Guiness, a red wine called”Bull’s Blood” that I had never tried and about 8 or 9 chocolate chip cookies. Then Pizza when we got home from the party.

Saturday started out on track. I did about 2 hours of teaching and filming for what I hope to be my next DVD, then went to a late lunch with some of the students. At Chili’s. Ribs, fries, molten choclate cake. Mandy got home from shooting a wedding and a couple of friends came over to watch a movie. Mandy made spaghetti. It was tasty. So were the Dorito’s.

Sunday was on track until about 5pm, then we ate at a place in Nashville called “Batter’d & Fried”. Guess what kind of food they serve there? I had fish & chips & a couple of chicken tenders. Later we made lasagna and topped off the evening with cookie dough ice cream.

Today I am back on my regular eating schedule and all is well, but I have been feeling it in my belly. I am not upset or going “why did I do that?” Rather I feel pretty good about the fact that I did that and now am back to my regular plan.

Workout was good (I attribute this to an inadvertant carb-load effect from the over feeding) hit a PR in the 32kg UST (165) and I am closing in on my goal for that. C&P ladders 1,2,3,4,5 x5 the first 4 with 32kg, the last with 32kg & 18lb in one hand.

The PN contest ends on November 9th, my original goal was to drop 22lbs by then. I am on track to do that.