Continuing with last weeks Southern Metal taste, let’s look at another band of outlaws from Texas who is out there killing it on the road right now.  They are, in my opinion, one of the best bands I have ever heard or seen and definitely my favorite act I have seen in the past 5 years. They are called Texas Hippie Coalition.

I have seen them a couple of times and am fortunate enough to have become friends with thunder-bass master John Exall. John keeps a statue of Dimebag Darrell on his bass rig, knowing that Dime is watching over from heavy metal heaven as THC keeps the Red Dirt Metal growing. Check them out on Facebook and at

I was looking for a good video to show y’all and I found a full show from Bowling Green, KY last year. The relay cool thing about it is that I was at that show and if you look on the left of the screen, in front of John and Guitarist Cord Pool, you can occasionally catch a glimpse of the Tamer thrashing around. You can also see John’s  statue of Dime.

Now, maybe you don’t wanna watch the whole show, so  here is another studio recording.

Rock on!