WHile the rain and floods washed over Music City, I was off in California doing a workshop with Mark and Tracy Reifkind.
I started the morning off with a strongman performance and history lesson designed to have a look at the old time strongmen and see what lessons they have for us today. I performed a new-ish feat combo feat that I have been working on, and Rif shot a video of it for me:

And finished up with the nail drive, with a little help from fellow Old Time Strongman, Hand Balancer and Kettlebell Juggler, Logan Christopher, RKC .


 logan nail2

Tracy taught her swing progressions and Mark did a lecture/practice on Lats: The Super Muscle. Lots of pressing in his segment. I finished out the day with a section on putting weight overhead with the getup as the Foundation for the Press, Windmill and Bent press. There is more to talk about here than I can do justice in a blog. Thankfully, Laree Draper made sure the whole thing was recorded and the DVDs will be available in a couple of months.
That night we all went out to dinner with th Blond Bomber himself (Laree’s husband) Dave Draper. It was far beyond awesome to get to meet and hang out with this LEGEND of the Iron Game.  I have been fan of Dave’s since I was a kid.
So today, the mail comes and this shows up:
Arnold counts, Draper squats.
Arnold counts, Draper squats.

I’ll be hanging this one, and the others that were in the package, in the new Nashville Kettlebell Training Hall when we open next month. Many, many thanks to Logan, the Rifs and the Drapers for an awesome weekend!