When I first saw you, I didn’t know that you’d become such huge part of our life. You were a couple of months old when Mandy brought you to me after our friend rescued you in a parking lot. You were immediately a part of the family. We named you Maximus.

You were such a good boy. Always so kind in spirit, always so well behaved. For over ten years, more than a quarter of my life, you were there with us with smiling eyes and a wagging tail. One ear up, one ear down. You really were an awesome dog.


We didn’t know that you were sick. I had no idea that Sunday Oct. 17 would be our last day together, your last day with us. I didn’t know we’d have to say goodbye.

Now we have taken our last walk, I have heard you bark at the UPS guy for the last time and will never again be able to get you off our bed so I can go to sleep. I have no idea how I will get used to that.

We miss you buddy.