The confusion about training, cardio exercise, aerobic training and fat loss still permeates the brains of the general public, especially ladies.

I want all you ladies to get off the stupid treadmill and start lifting things. Heavy things that will make you stronger.

I ran across THIS ARTICLE that talks about why ladies should not be afraid to lift heavy stuff in training. There are 12 reasons, but three of them happen to be the the top three things that I keep hearing from ladies who contact me to find out if Nashville Kettlebell is the place for them. These are three goals that are consistenly being achived by NKB members.

Sure you can try to do it on your own. But if you come to Nashville Kettlebell I promise you three things:

You’ll burn more calories.

You’ll lose more fat.

Your clothes will fit better.

“But I don’t want to get bulky!”

Nikki Snow RKC does a getup with a 70lb kettlebell.

Kristen McBryde RKC doing swings with an 88lb kettlebell.

You mean you don’t want to bulk up like these ladies?

Get off the stupid treadmill. Lift something heavy. Become more awesome than you ever imagined you could and be the envy of your friends.