Hermann Goerner was a very strong dude. He regularly put TWO 50 kilo kettlebells overhead in one hand and holds the record for the one-hand deadlift with 727 lbs.

Pavel talks about him in the book that started it all The Russian Kettlebell Challenge. Quoting the book Goerner the Mighty, Pavel describes one of Goener’s methods, “Die Kette” or The Chain”

“The kettleweights were placed in a row on the floor of the gymnasium, and working ‘Die Kette’ (or The Chain) meant that Hermann would start out by taking the first kettleweight in the right hand and swinging it to arm’s length overhead, relowered to the shoulder and from there to the ‘hang’ and then curled to the shoulder, then pressed overhead again and finally lowered again and placed on the floor. He would then repeat this with the next kettleweight, using this time the left hand. The whole length of the chain would be worked through in this manner.” 

Inspired my Goerner, today I decided to work through the RKC Basic Six in this manner:

Getup 1 rep per side

Clean and Press, 5 reps per side

One hand swing 5 reps per side

Goblet Squat 5 reps

Snatches 10 reps per side.

All this was done going up the Chain with 16kg, 20kg, 24kg and 32kg. I finished up in about 20 minutes and was ready to get on with my day. Give it a try (scale it to YOUR ablility) and post your comments below!