I met with the strength coaches at Vanderbilt University this morning, they introduced Kettlebells into their program a few months ago & brought me in to show them how to use them.

Today was a stop-by & follow up. I happened to have a 48kg in the car and I showed it to them. They dug it, a few kids ( 6’5″ 240+lb kids) did some swings and a couple of the coaches C&P’d it. One of the players asked if I could snatch it, so I knocked out a set of 11 on the right. Fun times.

From there I went to mantis class, played hands a little, then it was off to the park for my own workout.

I hauled out the beast, with the intent of doing some sets of 5/5. I grabbed ahold, swung back and couldn’t complete the lockout.

“What the hell is this??? I just did 11 reps not two hours ago!” I am screaming inside. Same thing on the right. I made 4 or 5 attempts before I could get a clean SINGLE with it. I felt like a malnourished kitten.

Finally, I get a few singles, doubles and a set of triples, and moved on. I went to clean and pushpress ladders 1,2,3 x3 times thru.

Then the Red Bull Fairies stopped by. See, in Nashville there is this little car that is painted up with the RB logo and this girl named Drew who drives around giving away Red Bull. She stopped by a class once before and gave everyone there FREE RB.

Today she stops the car, gets out and yells “Hey Iron Tamer, you need a sugar free??” She was training a new girl, and this was the girl’s first day. Thanks Red Bull Fairy!

She goes on her way, spreading the RB wings across the Music City and I decide to finish with 24kg snatches. Some lady plopped down at the picnic table to smoke cigarettes and watch me try to survive my own self-inflicted madness.

I set gymboss to 1:00/:30 and laid into it. 2 sets of 13/13 and I was seeing spots. “What the hell is wrong with me today??”

One more set of 10/10 and I call it a day. After loading 159 lbs of iron into the car, I get in and the “Outside Temperature” reading was 108 degrees.

“Oh…” I think, “…that must be it…it’s too hot to sit still and I am out here snatching a piece of iron the size of a Rottwieler!”

I get home, step on the scale…270 even, I was 272 this AM. Dehydration = weakness.

Soooo I am a couple of quarts of h2o fuller now and feeling good. I wonder what tomorrow will be like?