I got an email from John Brookfield asking me to pass along this information

On Saturday November 1st in Fairmont North Carolina at 2:00 in the afternoon John Brookfield and Jon Bruney will be pulling a semi-truck a distance of one mile plus using only their physical strength and mental discipline.

This will be a World Record. John Brookfield and Jon Bruney have performed this record feat on several other occasions, however, this time they will be pushing the limits as they increase the poundage of the load and also push themselves to complete the mile course as quickly as possible.

Many are saying that this feat and test may be the greatest physical achievement ever accomplished when it comes to strength and endurance. Come out and witness this event and walk with them as the push themselves to keep the semi-truck moving through the street. For more info on the location or more specifics please contact John Brookfied by email at john@powerropes.com.