No surprises here, but the Italian adventure was awesome. Many thanks to Fabio and Thomas for organizing not one, not two, but THREE great events. Thanks to DLAB photography for capturing the Metal.


SFG level 2- We had about 40 people in attendance and  they absolutely ROCKED it. It makes me very happy to see a group of folks so well prepared.


It’s gotta be the SHIRT!


Kettlebell games- This was an event unlike anything else I have ever seen. Fabio and myself presenting material about the getup and Oleh Ilika, Master of Sport International Class and holder of multiple world records,  taught some of the principles and techniques of Girevoy Sport. There were several GS events and also a Tactical Strength Challenge.


100 reps in 5:00 with a 40kg


Joker Team making KBs fly


I also met and got to perform with Denis and Roberto of the world-class kettlebell juggling Joker Team. Give them some Facebook love by going here:


Aldo bending a red nail


Get on up!


Die flat bar!


Channelling the spirit of the Mighty Atom.

Lords of Steel- This was the first time that Fabio and I have had the poortunity to teach together without the pressure of a curriculum or testing people for certification. It was very much a rock and roll show, from the opening practice until the after party with the band.


Rock and Roll Brothers!

italian rock out

Another way to bend Steel.