Over the weekend we made the drive down to the ATL to deliver some Full Body Power to RKC Delaine Ross’ Gym Condition.

6 hours of advanced kettlebell training and feats of strength, including pressing combinations including no-hands and double kettlebell Turkish Get-ups, and the EVIL kettlebell burpee series.

We spent the final hour with tips and techniques to improve the Secret Service Snatch Test. We covered pacing, the Super Secret Double Breathing technique and programming to increase numbers.

This of course meant finishing off with a five-minute snatch test to put it all together!

Yasser sums the whole experience up in this photo, which I like to call “Aftermath”:

Here is the whole group, looking strong:

Thanks to my beautiful wife Mandy (in the red) for her using her mad camera skills. She is working on a web gallery of all the shots, hopefully it will be complete in a few days.

Thanks to everyone who participated for making it an awesome workshop, extra-huge thank you to Delaine for having me down. I look forward to the next one!