As a runner, you have a certain mindset, a way of thinking about things.

You are not afraid of a little discomfort if it means making yourself better. You are willing to put in the miles and do the work. You will not easily back down from a challenge. In other words your will is strong.

However…..has there been a time when the strength of your will, the desire to push yourself exceeded your body’s capability?

Did you ever have a time when your body could not keep up with your drive to succeed? Has there ever been a time that you simply were not strong enough?

In order to be the best you can possibly be, your body must be up to the task……just as much as your mind and your will.

You understand the drive to be better than you are….better than you were. You understand pushing yourself. You know running.

But something is missing….. and you know that too. You keep getting hurt. Your body can not keep up with your will.  It slows and stops, long before you want it to. You are getting passed on hills. You ache and suffer just as much when you are NOT running as you do when you are on the road.

You have tried everything you can think of….adding more running to your program……new shoes….supplements….and been left disappointed at best…..injured at worst.

So what is the missing component?

What is the  thing standing between you and your PRs? What do you need to get better??

The answer is simple…..STRENGTH.

Now, I will be honest with you….I am not a runner.

But  I know strength. I can help you to become stronger than you ever thought you could become. Like you are made of Iron. How do I know this? Because I have helped other JUST LIKE YOU to overcome their limitations and become the best runners that they can be.

Having been an avid runner for 30+ years, and having been plagued by injuries for several years, I came to NKB hoping to be able to be able to improve my hip strength and mobility so that I could continue to run injury-free. I just wasn’t ready to hang up my running shoes yet! Not only have I been able to run free of pain and injury since I started attending NKB classes, but I also successfully trained for and ran in the Women’s Half Marathon here in Nashville in September 2010…shaving off 27 minutes from my finish time as compared to when I ran in the Country Music Half Marathon in April 2009 (pre-kettlebells)! That’s what nine months of NKB training helped me achieve. -PJ Olsen

Move Better. Feel Better. Run Stronger.

Become an Iron Runner.

The Iron Runner PR challenge is based on collaboration  between Nashville Kettlebell and our friends at Tennessee Endurance Sports, who first coined the term “Iron Runner”.

Here is how the Tennessee Endurance Sports Iron Runner program at Nashville Kettlebell can help YOU…

* Reduce injury (over 65% of runners will experience an injury during an average year)

* Increase mobility in your hips, making each step stronger and EASIER

* Increase core strength

* Control hip sway

* Improve posture

* Develop stronger, more efficient running gait

* Improve hill running

* Set PR’s!

The choice is yours. If you are not interested in those things,  If you are good with being “good enough” then keep doing what you are doing.

But if  you want to improve…..if you want to reduce your chances of injury…….if you want to get an edge on your competition….if you want to become an Iron Runner, enter your information and we will get you started.

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EXCLUSIVE East Nasty FREE Events


Nashville Kettlebell and Tennessee Endurance
Sports w
ill be offering two FREE introductory classes for
East Nasty members!

We will be covering Fundamental Strength training designed
specifically for RUNNERS
and an introduction to the Primal Move system of mobility.

Dates:Tuesday Sept. 25th & Tuesday Oct. 2nd at 6:15pm

Location: Nashville Kettlebell 944 4thAve. South, Nashville

If you like what you see, you may be eligible to join in the Iron Runner PR Challenge 9-week program.

 Cost: $199…2x/week…9 Weeks beginning October 8 and ending December 6

Choice of TWO class times: M & W @ 6:15am; M & TH @ 6:15pm

Yes…I’d like to attend one of the FREE introductory classes at Nashville Kettlebell! Here’s my info…