Every year around the beginning of November, with my birthday coming up on the 23rd, I start to get a little introspective. This post on Rif’s blog got me thinking as soon as I read it.


Looking back on my own life, I am constantly reminded that I am healthier, happy and better off now that at any time in my life. God saw fit to keep me alive through all the stupid self-destructive Rockstar shit that I did in my 20’s, then led me to the RKC.

I meet people all the time who talk about getting fat, back pain, etc., and then they’ll say somrthing like “It sucks getting older” or ” I’m not as young as I used to be”.

Recently I had a conversation with someone that started with “I guess I need to do something to lose this weight” Of course I started talking about kettlebell training, describing in detail what my class is like. I got a response that KBs are “fine for younger people like you (me), but when you get my age, it’s alot easier to hurt your back”.

I asked how old they were after a comment like this and the response was “36”.

I asked “How old do you think I am?”

“I dunno….26? 27?”

I will be 38 in a little over 3 weeks. I am in better condition, stronger and healthier than I was at 28. Some of the stuff that I am able to do now–Thanks to traing with Pavel and the RKC–are beyond anything I ever imagined, and I ain’t done yet. I’m not as young as I used to be….I am younger.