The way I see it, Holiday Season “officially” begins at Halloween, with a whole bunch of candy left over from Trick or Treating. By the time New Year’s Eve rolls around the average American has had countless “little bites that won’t really hurt anything” along with several big-ass parties ( in the literal sense-your ass is getting bigger every time you attend and indulge) and is 10-12 pounds flabbier than mid-October.

So if everyone around you is GAINING 10lbs, what if you did something totally crazy and LOST 10lbs?  How awesome would it feel on New Year’s Eve to be slimmer, stronger and moving better than you are now?

“But how can I do that with all the holiday parties and running around that I have to do?”

I know this time of year can be hectic, but with a little planning and commitment, you’d be amazed what you can accomplish.

Let’s take Thanksgiving completely off.

Let’s add in a couple of Christmas parties and maybe three more family parties or get-togethers.

That’s six days completely off. No diet – no training. Enjoy it. But that also means eight weeks on!

Get started on an effective fat loss program today – dial in your training and nutrition and this year – enjoy the holidays while actually losing fat. The Nashville Kettlebell Bootcamp has a Two-Week FREE trial and guarantees results. There is nothing to lose!

By the way,  if that “gain 10lbs” statistic is true – then if you lose ten pounds in that time frame – it’s worth “double” when you’re standing next to your friends at the New Year’s Eve party 🙂

Close your eyes and picture yourself in eight weeks at the last party of 2009. Picture yourself standing there – but ten, twelve, or even fifteen pounds leaner than you are today……

There is still time. You just have to decide  to do it.  Are you in?