Had great time in Brea for the HKC. Arrived at LAX on Friday afternoon and Marcus Martinez picked me up & took me to the hotel.

Later that evening I met up with the Chief for steak and talked about some of the stuff we have planned for the RKC in 2010. It’s alway a pleasure to get to be around him when we are NOT swamped by RKC business.

Up early Saturday morning, off to MBody for the cert itself, nine attendees and Franz Snideman RKCTL helping me out. A little later Yoanna showed up to hang out, swing a 24kg kettlebell at 8 months pregnant, take pics etc. Typical Saturday stuff.

About an hour in, RKC TL Paul Daniels walked in just to hang out and see if we needed any help. He wound up staying all the way thru dinner.

So here is what you had: one Master RKC instructor, three RKC Team Leaders and one RKC with nine HKC hopefuls. The most expereinced student/teacher ratio yet an any of my HKC workshops.

Many thanks to Marcus Martinez for hosting, Franz,Yoanna and Paul for helping out and congrats to all the new HKC instructors.