One of the toughest things for me to do is to rail it in and hold back on purpose. I think that enthusiasm will often get you farther than talent.

Today I did a modification on a ladder workout from the RKC manual.

ladder circuit
pullup w/purple band
48kg clean and pushpress
squat 2x24kg
snatch 48kg

BW pullup 1,2
48kg clean and srtict press 1/1,1/2 (missed rep 2 on the left)
box pistol 1/1,2/2
snatch 48kg 1/1,2/2

Also done as a circuit. Finished feeling stronger than I started.

I am stoked because we got a shed for the new house, built by my parents Amish neighbors. My Dad installed a pullup bar in it for me before delivery, so I can do pullups at home, whenever I want!