In the morning my wife and I are heading to Destin FL for a vacation. I’ll be out of the loop, away from the internet, off the grid, etc.,etc. until next Sunday. I will have my cell phone, but I don’t know if I’ll turn it on.;)

As for Progress Report on the transformation:
I am down 11lbs in 12 days, hit a PR in the 40kg snatch, tied my previous PR in the SSST and set a baseline for Crazed Viking’s VO2 max workout. A good week for training all in all.

Diet wise: With the exception of Sunday’s aforementioned Black Velvet, fries and ice cream, I have been 100% compliant to the Precision Nutrition Guidelines. (Click the link over on the right side of the page for the PN 8-day nutritional makeover).

I am taking a single 32kg Kettlebell with me. Call it a working vacation ;).

Take care & I’ll talk to you all next week.