Saturday and Sunday were the 2nd Hardstyle Ventura workshop with Pavel, Rif, Mark Toomey, Doc Cheng and myself teaching.

Pavel covered Naked Warrior bodyweight strength drills like pullups, pistols, one arm pushups and hanging leg raises. He showed some never before seen material which was outstanding.


Mark Toomey, RKCTL did a segment on suspension training with the TRX unit and Doc Cheng talked about body alignment during training.

Rif and I both did presentations based on our latest DVDs, Rif talking about lats, the super muscle and I wrapped up Sunday with 4 hours on deepening getup skills and bent pressing.

Sunday night RKCs Matt Seki and Lauren Evens were kind enough to take us back into LA. We stayed with Matt’s and his wife Rosie. Monday morning Lauren gave us a tour of Hollywood including the walk of fame.

The biggest star on the walk of fame

The Biggest Star on the Walk of Fame

That afternoon we visited Pavel and Venice beach for a little while, dropped by Matt’s kettlebell class and then on to the airport for our flight to Sydney.

More to come…..