We are back home from our journey to Ventura and Sydney. A lot of cool stuff happened during the 2 weeks and I am gonna share some of it here. A lot of the photos are still not ready yet, but but I’ll get them up as soon as I can.

After a quick 4 and a half hour fight, we arrived at LAX and Laura Sacks, RKC picked us up and took us to meet Doug Nepodal, Senior RKC at the Cold Steel Knives in Ventura.

I have carried Cold Steel for about six years now and LOVE every knife from them I have ever touched. When Doug told me he would take me to meet Lynn Thompson, the owner, I was very excited. Lynn is a serious martial artist and very passionate about his work and his products. He showed us around and I bent some stuff for him.


With Lynn Thompson, owner of Cold Steel.

Afterwards, he was kind enough to give us gifts, including my new favorite, the Ti-LiteĀ® tactical folder with a 6 inch blade. I am giddy.

Pointy and Sharp.

Sharp and Pointy, it makes me smile.

I am very grateful that Doug was willing to ship my new knives back to my house, since I was informed that the Australian airport authorities would confiscate them.

More to come….