Sorry I haven’t blogged for a while. I have been slammed busy, including a two week trip to Australia for the second time to teach another HKC and some other workshops. This was one of those rare trips when I get to take Mandy with me for a little bit of tourist action along with the mission of spreading the message of the RKC.  It’s nice to have a professional photographer along ( she took all the shots in this post), plus we got to hang with our friends Andrew Read, RKCTL and Shannon Scullin, RKCII of Dragon Door Australia.

We spent the first few days at St. Kilda, drinking coffee and getting acclimated to the jet lag. The coffee in Australia is amazing and we got to see some wild penguins off the pier in St. Kilda. One of the things I really like about Australia is that it is similar enough to the US that it is easy to get around but different enough that you never forget you are in another country. There ain’t no penguins in Nashville. Or flying foxes, which are giant fruit bats that come out at dusk.

Friday the work began. I did seven 1-on- 1 personal training sessions and a workshop with Andrew about building your business as an RKC or HKC instructor.

Saturday was the HKC. A great group of folks came from all over Australia and did a great job. Congrats to all the new HKC instructors! I look forward to seeing you grow and hopefully become RKC certified.

Sunday we did three workshops.

The first one was based on Enter the Kettlebell. Clean, press, squat and snatch, rounding out the other RKC fundamentals. I also did a quick little feats of strength show to demonstrate how the skill of generation tension applies to things other than kettlebells. Like sledge hammers.

I'm Hardstyle and I know it.

Pavel is fond of saying that in the RKC we “get big men to move as well as little girls and get little girls s as strong a big men.” Shannon Scullin is a little lady who can swing big man weight. Like double 32kg kettlebells.

Let's hope she doesn't bulk up.....

The second workshop was a short, 2-hour version of the material from my Deepening Your Getup Skills DVD.

Deeper we go......

2 hours on just the getup? Yes, and it is just enough time to scrape the surface and get folks thinking.

We finished off with an Intro to Indian Clubs then Andrew and me taking turns talking about Program design.

Thanks to Andrew and Shannon for organizing a great event and to T.C. Lee for helping out. I had a great time and am looking forward to heading back next year.