Thick bar training has long been recommended as a great addition to the training arsenal of the aspiring grip fanatic and with good reason.

I am a big fan of thick bar training, but it can be a pretty daunting expense for the average person to invest in a thick handled barbell and/or dumbbells. One company that is addressing this is Grip4orce.

The Grip4orce handles come in 2 levels of difficulty and slip right onto your standard size barbell or dumbbell, creating a thick handle. One cool feature about this product is that it doesn’t just clip on and sit there. You MUST squeeze the handle or that bar will roll out of it. This gives an added element that makes even light weights quite unruly.

I have used the Grip4orce for barbell deadlifts, presses, rows and curls as well as dumbbell rows and curls. The feel is very similar to my thick bar, but the grip4orce handle has more give and it feels like my fingers dig into the surface a bit.

I am a fan and will continue to use the Grip4orce as a part of my training. You can pick up a set HERE.