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Welcome to the House of HARDSTYLE. The source for all things kettlebell in TN.

I didn’t plan it on purpose, but the weekend of Nashville Kettlebell’s Grand Opening celebration fiesta extravaganza happened to fall on June 26th. This is significant to me because my very first RKC was June 27-29. Happy HARDSTYLE birthday to me.

We had a great time and Mandy took a great batch of photos. Well she didn’t take the one below, my sister did, but she took the rest of them you’ll see here.

Snip snip...

Here we have the ribbon cutting, which Heidi seemed unusually happy about. The ribbon and 2nd largest pair of scissors I have ever seen were provided by the Nashville Chamber of Commerce.

Round and round.....

I demonstrated the Indian Clubs. Here I am in half kneeling posture. Expect to see a lot more of this creeping into class in the future.

For entertainment Mike the Machine Bruce and I performed a few feats of strength.

Get up! Get on up....

Here is my signature Getup/Sledgehammer combo lift at the midpoint.

Don't try this at home....or anywhere else.

After Mike did finger pullups on a 4 foot long 5/8 inch steel bar, I bent it across his throat, a signature feat for the Machine, possessor of the world’s strongest neck.

Of course we demonstrated kettlebell lifting.

Marcus showed the getup.

Careful....you don't wanna bulk up.

And Kristen did swings with 40kg, which is 3/4 of her bodyweight.

Taming the ropes.....

In addition to residents of Music CIty, we had visitors from Kentucky, ATL and Indiana. We gave away a bunch of free stuff and had a great time all around. I really appreciate the support from everyone and promise to continue to provide the very best in kettlebell instruction.