My Strength focus right now is on getting a Bottom Up press with the 48kg kettlebell. and I decided to do a variation on the Steve Justa singles routine that Pavel talks about in Beyond Bodybuilding.

I am determined the correct weight by taking my of 1 rep max (40kg) and using 70% (28kg). The justa program has you doing singles at 70%, starting with 3 singles and adding a couple of singles worth of volume each day of the week. Next week add weight and repeat.

The problem here is that I don’t have 7 days a week to dedicate to this. So I decided on a 5 day cycle of singles. Also I am not going to walk straight up the ladder with the reps, I am fluctuating them. The range is from 9-15 singles per workout.

Today I was talking to Geoff Neupert about training and the stuff each of us are doing currently. In addition to the singles stuff, I am doing snatches for explosiveness and conditioning. Multpiple sets with a farily heavy weight. Yesterday I did 20 sets of 3/3 on the top of each minute with 40kg. The plan is to do a lot of snatching while waving the volume and load.

Add in the TGU, steel bending, card tearing and other feats of strength I am practicing and you have what Geoff and I decided is an excellent routine for General Bad-Assedness (GBA), which is like General Physical Preparedness (GPP), except better.

You can have GPP and not have GBA. If you have GBA, by definition you are prepared, so you have GPP.