I have a couple of good ones for you today:

Number Four: Muscle Soreness = Results

I hear this one a lot. “If I got sore that means that it’s working”. Well, maybe. Probably, but not necessarily. The other side of that is that if you DON’T get sore then it ISN’T working, which is a far worse way to think.

Soreness, fatigue, exhaustion or throwing up are not indicators of a good productive workout. Moving toward a measurable goal is.

If you want to drop bodyfat, the indicator is if your bodyfat decreases, not whether you are exhausted. If your goal is to increase your military press, then your militarty press tells you if you are improving, not how sore your shoulders are.

Number three: Longer workouts get better results.

At Nashville Kettlebell Bootcamp, our classes last about 40 minutes. The question comes up from non-members as to the relative shortness of the class. After the first workout, this is no longer questioned, because they understand that quality and intenisty mean a lot more than time. Wanna test it? Go out and walk around the block, jog around the block and sprint around the block. Which one has you working harder? Which one took longest?