Howdy and thanks for stopping by.

I have been re-working the websites and blogs associated with everything I do relating to both the Nashville Kettlebell Dojo of Strength and all things Iron Tamer.

Truth is, it got to be a pain in the ass when people would ask what the website is to tell them four different places they could go. Anyway, in an attempt to simplify things, we now have everything here, under the banner “StrongFirst Tennessee”. It is still under construction, so if you click a page and it ain’t there or there’s supposed to be a photo on it, know that it will be fixed soon. I am also happy that Matt McBryde SFG Team Leader and I will be sharing SFTN as a hub for my gym Nashville Kettlebell and his gym Tennessee kettlbell.

As we go along I plan to share news, tips, ideas, random thoughts and ramblings, updates on workshops, new product stuff and whatever else I happen to think of sharing. Again, thanks for your support up to this point and I am looking forward to the days to come.

Let’s ROCK.