Friday Morning HARDSTYLE

We have officially had our first Nashville Kettlebell class in the new location at 944 4th Ave South. ALL classess will be there from now on, unless otherwise specified.

The space will allow me to bring thing to you that I could not carry in the back of the Volvo. Be on the lookout for Pullups, Indian Clubs, deeper work with the Functional Movement Screen and John Brookfield’s Battling Ropes  just to name a few.  

Don’t worry though. I am not going to hit you with a bunch of gimmicky  distractions. The name is Nashville KETTLEBELL, not “Nashville-buncha-shiny-things-pretending-to-be-a-functional-movement-training-facility-that-has-some-kettlebells-lying-around”.

The core of everything we do was, is and shall remain the RKC and FMS.  (Notice the RKC Eagle taking shape on the wall in the back ground. Marcus! Get to work!)
Let’s Move Better, Feel Better and Look Better Nashville!