After the post “9 week from today”, I got several emails from people who didn’t want to publicly post goals, but wanted to share them with me anyway. That’s really cool, and I am thankful that you trust me to share and help you.

On the other hand, it is always interesting to me that whenever I send out a “challenge” of any sort, I get a mass of “un-subscribes” from my newsletter.
The first few times it happened I found it puzzling, thinking I had somehow done something wrong and pissed off the people who were bailing on me. Now I realize what is really happening.

I know from my own experience that when I purposefully look deeper into myself, past my excuses and beyond my limitations, to see what is really going on, it is uncomfortable. I don’t always like what I see. Obviously this is true for others as well. Sometimes this discomfort results in running some people off. They sign up for some free workout info, not realizing that I am going to call them out on their BS excuses. I even get the “how dare you” emails, like I have somehow been spying on someone in California or Vegas, studying their habits in order to anonymously embarrass them online. HUH? You place far too much importance on yourself.

Here’s the thing: If you feel uncomfortable or inspired by anything I write, it is because we are alike on a very base level. When I do something publically like post goals and challenges I have set for myself, I am forcing myself to look inside and while at the same time asking you to do so for yourself. It helps me to stay on track, to Walk the Talk so to speak.

If I say “I think I might like to do that” it most likely ain’t gonna happen.

If I tell YOU that I am going to do something, then I have upped the stakes quite a bit, putting myself on the line publically.

If I ask you to join me, then we get to take advantage of our collective character, flaws and all, toward our greater good.

Let’s rock this thing from now until Thanksgiving.