Remember back in the nineties when Fast Food companies tried to change? They tried coming out with lighter and lower fat versions of their sandwiches and tacos and everything else.
Know what happened?
The “healthier” versions on their menus FAILED miserably. They were all pulled and replaced by newer options that were bigger, nastier and more calorie laden than ever before.

They goofing around and did what any smart business should: They gave people what they wanted. In the case of Fast Food that meant adding as much mayo, bacon, cheese and mystery meat as they possibly could.

Enter the SUPERMEGA Burgers

Enter tacos wrapped in melted cheese stuck to yet another taco. And people were more than happy to gobble them all right up.

I believe, fortunately, that we’ve come to a point where people have realized that it’s all just too much. Hopefully people are realizing that they cannot afford to get sick. They cannot afford to eat garbage all the time. They are understanding it WILL catch up to them.

Kentucky Fried Chicken has been in the news lately because they are trying a new Kentucky GRILLED Chicken. Supposedly it tastes as good as their fried version.

Now I don’t know if it does or doesn’t. And to be honest, I don’t much care. You see, the fact of the matter is when people go to Fast Food restaurants and order something “healthier” like grilled chicken they typically off set it with french fries and giant soda.

There are better choices to be made. And if you plan your day you won’t be in a position where you have to gobble a meal down at KFC, McDonald’s or Burger King.
Things like:
Cottage cheese
Hard boiled eggs
Fresh fruit and veggies
Raw almonds
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Look, the bottom line is simple: A little bit of planning and some smart food choices go a long way to making you lean and strong.