Week one, Day one is in the books!

Day one was squat and a pushup variation for 6 rounds each, the a swing & farmers carry relay. Everyone did and awesome job!

So I got an email from someone interested in class and was asked yet again how kettlebells help “strengthen the core” and if other exercises like crunches or using an ab machine is necessary.

Crunches and ab machines tend to promote excessive flexion of the lumbar spine and cause neck and back pain. You may “feel” your abdominal muscles, but there are far better ways to train your midsection without the high risk of short and long-term injury to your spine.

Remember, the TRUE function of your core is stabilization, both static and dynamic- to be able to maintain a neutral, straight-line position from your hips to your shoulders, no matter which way you are moving.

That’s one of the many, many why I love the Swing and the Getup, and also why they are included in just about everything we do in class.

Rock on!