I believe that the ability of an instructor or teacher can be measured by the quality of his/her students. I usually don’t talk about my own accomplishments in this blog format, because this blog is about the Nashville Kettlebell Bootcamp and I prefer to let my students and members be evidence of what goes on with my teaching.

I love sharing their success stories, I love the videos we make of them working hard and playing hard. It was at the prompting of one of my students that I decided to voice some thoughts today. “They all read your blog anyway, you should call them out”.  

I recently found out that there are some folks in the Nashville area advertising that they have run a new “exclusive kettlebell program”. Meaning that they have the ONLY one.


Since 2003 I have been teaching people to use kettlebells, the majority of it in Nashville, but also traveling around the country and beyond. I have taught at more workshops and Russian Kettlebell Challenge instructor certifications than I can count.

For a LOOOOONG time the Nashville Kettlebell Bootcamp was the only place in Music City that you could learn the proper use of the Russian Kettlebell. At least the only one as far a I knew. It never occurred to me to advertise that I was the only one, because even though I was the only RKC, I wasn’t sure someone else wasn’t using kettlebells in a class or 1-on-1 format.

Frankly I didn’t care. My focus was (and still is) on becoming the best RKC that I can be and giving my students and members of NKB the best info and experience I that am capable of delivering.

 I am capable of delivering.

Last year two guys, Matt McBryde and Dennis Breckey, earned the right to call themselves RKC and I got both of them ready. This year there were 5 more from Nashville, Matt’s wife Kristen, Mark and Nikki Snow, Jay Cannon and David Ebert.

All successfully completed the RKC.

All students of mine.

Last month Dragon Door launched the Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification or HKC. I was invited to teach at that. There are a TOTAL of 13 people in the world who can teach the HKC and certify instructors. I am one of them. We had 2 local guys, Joe Stewart and Marcus Hooper travel to Minnesota to begin ther journey as instructors.

I am telling you all this not to shine the spotlight on myself, but to make one simple point: I have been doing this a long time. Long enough that local students of mine like Matt have started their own classes .

Not only have I been doing it for a long time, I have helped prepare somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 people for the various RKC instructor courses. I have never ha a student fail and need to re-take the course. Not once.

It was pointed out to me that I have been doing this long enough and well enough that it is likely that your instructor learned from me or one of my students.

If anyone tells you that they are the “exclusive kettlebell  program”  in TN they are mistaken.  Matt’s class is  in Cool Springs and we at NKB continue swinging away in Nashville, just as we have for the past four years.

The RKC is the source. Learn from the source. Join us at our next FREE orientation on October 10th. Learn to use the kettlebell to move better, look better and feel better. Email me: irontamerdave@hotmail.com for details