The Three books in this photo have been so important and influential in many aspects of my life that I cannot imagine who or what I would have become if I had not read them. I do know that my life would have taken a very different course without each of them and that the timing of each showing up in my life was perfect synchronicity.

Russian Kettlebell Challenge. Pavel’s landmark work that re-introduced the kettlebell into American culture. From this book came both my introduction to the kettlebell and the entire RKC School of Strength. Enter the Kettlebell came later and refined Pavel’s message, but this is the one that started it all.

Path Notes of an American Ninja Master- The late Dr. Glenn Morris was an adventurer, warrior, gifted teacher and writer. This was the first of  the books he wrote before he passed on in 2006. It describes his journey as a martial artist and how he woke up his kundalini energy. I learned as much or more about what it means to be a martial artist from his books than I did in my own kungfu school.  His martial art Hoshin Budo has continued to grow and develop since he left us.  I regret having never met him in person, but I am thankful to be a part of the Hoshin family now.

The Mighty Atom: the Life and Times of Joseph L. Greenstein; Biography of a Superhuman by Ed Spielman. In my opinion, this is the most import book I have ever read on the subject of strength. I have several copies both hardcover and soft, but my favorite is the one Slim the Hammer Man gave me as a birthday present a few years ago.