Written on Monday, Nov. 17th, before getting on yet another airplane.

I am tired. Not just the kind of tired where you stayed up too late, but the kind of tired where you are travelling all over the place, not getting enough good food or rest and continuing to push yourself to meet goals that you set.

I set the goals to do a few things by Thanksgiving. (Remember that? Are you on track? Are you there yet?) I hit the first one several weeks back when I did a double vertical phonebook tear.

Monday, before I left for Tampa I hit another: the 16kg pullup.

The final one is a bottoms up press with a 40kg, a goal I set back at the RKC Certification in October. I got really close a couple of weeks ago (before Tokyo) then started sliding backwards.

My mistake: I did not figure the toll that so much travel and such an erratic schedule would take on me, mentally and on my nervous system. My enthusiasm over-rode my knowledge of training and myself. I had an interesting conversation with Master RKC Brett Jones about how we seem to mpourselves from our own advice much of time.

I am forcing myself to mostly take a break from training for the next couple of days while I go to Tampa. I will give the 40kg another shot or two over the next week and we’ll see what happens.