Good for what ails you, even if it’s not ailing you yet. This is fantastic addition to any chi kung practice you may be doing. There are specific exercises that work to generate more Yang/Heat, but you can pair dousing with pretty much any chi kung in my experience.

I love it as a recovery aid too. It feels GREAT……especially after the pour.

This is not the ONLY way to do cold exposure practice, but it certainly works. To summarize:

1. Set out your buckets of water and let them get good and cold. Be careful of any ice that may form, you don’t wanna conk yourself on the brain box. Also, don’t let nobody be stealing your bucket.



2. Stand with bare feet on the ground in as little clothing as possible. Breathe deep, get calm and slowly pour the water over your head and let it cover as much of you a possible. Repeat if you got more buckets.

3. Breathe deeply and calmly. Enjoy the feeling.