Just say no.

Looking at facebook and twitter, I’ve seen a few “it’s time to renew my gym membership and get back on track” posts.

Let me ask you this: Did it work last year?  Do you move Better? Feel Better? Look Better?

If not, maybe you need to try something different. Something that is guaranteed to work. The system we use at Nashville Kettlebell meets you where you are, determines what YOU need to make improvements and reach your goals and then guides you along the way with safe and effective kettlebell instruction. You will be around other like minded people, working to get better.

You are probably wondering….”How do I get started?”

On Jan 1st 2011 at 1:11pm (easy to remember) RKC instructors from Nashville Kettlebell and Tennesee Kettlebell will be joining forces  for the first Hardstyle training session of 2011 at Nashville Kettlebell 944 4th ave south.

The good news: It is absolutely FREE and open to everyone.

More good news: We’ll be making a special offer to new members, so that you can get your first month  for $99.

The bad news: Uh…..well…..there’s not any.

Email Nashvillekettlebell@gmail.com to confirm your spot for Saturday or for info on getting your first month for $99.