I am fascinated by the psychological and behavioral componant of exercise.  Many people love to do physical things. I am one of them. I enjoy the feeling of increasing my strength, expanding my limits, etc. I obviously get great satisfaction in helping others do the same.

Yesterday I had arthroscopic surgery on my knee to remove some bone spurs that have been preventing me from achiveing full extension. If all goes well, I will be back in action in a few weeks and doing things that have eluded me for the past few years. As I am laid up with my knee one day post-op I have had a lot of time to surf the web and I ran across this interesting article that list a bunch of reasons people choose not to go to a gym.

Some of those reasons include embarrassment, fear of looking stupid and inability to figure out how to work exercise machines.

One of many reasons people avoid the gym.

At Nashville Kettlebell we understand that the supportive aspect of a social group is a key element in getting the results you want. That’s why we don’t have workouts, we have classes. My job is to teach you, to help you and to encourage you through the process of moving better, feeling better and looking better.