I was talking with someone the other day and he pointed out that a a lot of the stuff that I (and more importantly my students, colleagues, mentors and the other people who inspire me) do is stuff that “normal” people would insist will either:

A. Hurt me
B. Kill me
C. Is humanly impossible.

The beauty of “impossible” is that it is up to the individual to determine the parameters. We each make our own definition of impossible. People who accomplish what is believed to be “impossible” share some common characteristics. I thought it might be cool to ramble about some of those characteristics.

One of them is intuition, which is a skill that can be developed like any other. We often have “gut feelings” about thing, which are physical sensations that our body/subconscious mind are broadcasting to let our conscious in on a particular bit of information.

Today’s task: focus on saying “yes” to the messages your body (not just your gut) sends.

Your mind may try to talk you out of your body‘s wisdom. Don’t let it. Understand what your body wants you to know about you…

Forget  “rules” that are supposed too be for everyone but have never worked for you.

Ignore the “shoulds” that others (or yourself) may try to force you to embrace.

Do what you know works…….truly, truly works…… for YOU, and discard the rest.

Breathe. Be creative. Play. Have fun.